The Great STEM Escape Room is a fun, safe, hour-long adventure where you and your friends must discover clues and solve a mystery to escape a “locked” room. Inspired by popular escape-the-room video games, it’s a beat-the-clock adventure that relies on the cunning of you and your teammates.

Simply put, our Great STEM Escape Rooms are more fun than playing Candy Crush on your phone for the zillionth time, more exciting than going to the movies, and our use of STEM-based problems makes our rooms a lot more intellectually stimulating than playing laser tag or paintball.

Students may spend the first ten or so minutes searching the room for clues—opening drawers, looking under desks and tables, taking books off the shelves, rifling through pockets, finding what seems like random numbers and words, and generally getting a sense of the room where they’ll be spending the next hour.

Once a clue is uncovered, players must work to interpret it, solve the puzzle, and find the next clue using an array of cool technology The key here is fun, innovative, and engaging use of STEM to navigate the escape room under record time.

Students, in small groups of 6 to 8 “detectives”, assemble inside a problem-based, STEM-themed room —It could be a prison cell or a ritzy casino. A “game master” explains the challenge and exits the room. The door closes. The clock begins counting down from 60 minutes. Your team scatters to examine every inch of the space and find clues. Does this mystery scroll hold the key? What about this blinking purple light? And what do these footprints on the floor mean? The escape room adventure has begun! The clock is ticking! Are you and your friends smart enough to solve the mystery and escape?

Our modular systems allow us to come to your afterschool or summer program site and deliver a great STEM Escape Room experience.

Students work together, problem solve and most importantly have fun!

Teachers get your students excited about STEM!

Parents Use These for Family Night or Parties!

Can your students beat the clock and escape in time?

Keep Your Kids Entertained and Engaged!

We also can build and customize an engaging STEM Escape Room scenario with easy to prep STEM puzzles for your program.

Students work through each puzzle and when they have solved it correctly, they will get a code to “unlock” the next clue and puzzle.

Escape The Ordinary Into the STEMdrodinary!